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Pupils in a lesson at Willow Tree Primary School


We use the Target Tracker assessment system throughout school to monitor and track pupil progress achievement.

We use this “to give reliable information to parents about how their child and their child’s school is performing, help drive improvement for pupils and teachers and make sure the school is keeping up with external best practise and innovation.” Dfe 2014.

Each Year Group has its own band in Target Tracker; Year 1 = Band 1 through to Band 6 which is Year 6.

Within each band there are 6 steps:

  • B= beginning
  • B+ = beginning plus
  • w= working within
  • w+ = working within plus
  • s = secure
  • s+ = secure plus

Beginning - the pupil is just beginning the age appropriate learning in this band. There may be learning in the previous year’s band which they are not completely confident in.

Working within - the pupil is working within the learning in this band. The teacher will make an informed assessment about how many statements the child has achieved

Secure - the pupil is showing confidence in all the learning in the band. The broad expectations for the band have been met although children may still be working on minimal elements within the band

Expected progress is six steps per year, how we monitor this at Willow Tree

Assessment data is collected termly and based on a combination of tests and teacher assessment.

All children will be taught in order for them to master a deep understanding of the curriculum they are being taught. This is achieved through scaffolding of learning, support and challenge.

Some children may not yet be working within the band for their year group and therefore will assessed at a lower band. It may be appropriate to assess some children at P levels

Throughout the curriculum children will have opportunities to apply their understanding in a range of challenging real life contexts, and to demonstrate mastery of a particular skill at a deep and thorough level before moving on.


Moderation of reading, writing and maths takes place in school to ensure judgements of progress and attainment are fair and secure

Some cluster moderation takes place in the Quays Cluster of Schools.