Music 2
Violins 2


“Music is a world within itself, with a language we all can understand.”

Stevie Wonder 


At Willow Tree, we aim to inspire children to develop an appreciation for the role that music plays in a variety of cultures, and the role it has played throughout history. Our intention is for children to develop curiosity and confidence, and ensure that all children value their talent as musicians.

We believe that children should gain a secure understanding of what music is by listening and appraising, learning pieces of music, composing, improvising and performing, and develop these skills throughout their time here. We want children to experience music from a range of styles, traditions, genres and historical periods to understand its validity in society. 

Our curriculum, has been designed to include memorable and engaging experiences, while allowing children to develop knowledge in each of the interrelated dimensions of music - pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture, structure and musical notations. Each unit of work comprises of listening, singing, composing and performing, to allow children to develop skills and understanding of a variety of styles.  Children have opportunities to express themselves through musical compositions and performances which involve singing, and learning to play tuned and percussion instruments. 

We enrich and enhance musical opportunities through carefully planned opportunities linked to their subject project learning and cultural events. We live in Salford, Greater Manchester, a city rich with culture and we believe pupils should gain an understanding of how music and performance both reflect and shape our local history and contribute to the culture and creativity of their surroundings.  

Our school aims to develop a growth mindset within our pupils and we encourage our children to be confident in their musicianship, and to be resilient when developing their own musical pieces. We aim to build upon the creative aspirations of each child, and embrace opportunities for children to share their work within the school community and beyond. We aim to increase the numbers of children engaging in musical activities and have increasing confidence to perform to a range of audiences.