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Pupils reading at Willow Tree Primary School

Phonics & Reading

At Willow Tree our aim is for children to become confident and independent readers who gain both pleasure and insight from the reading activities and texts they engage with.  We want every child at Willow Tree to leave school as a fluent, well-rounded reader.

Therefore, we provide as many opportunities as possible for the children to read.

Our school promotes the love of reading, both reading for knowledge and reading for pleasure.

We believe children should experience a wide range of text types and authors. Every year group has an agreed list of love to read books that are class reading books. Where possible these books fit in with class projects and they consist of modern books, classics and repeating authors.


We teach phonics which is a method of teaching reading through a scheme called Read, Write Inc. This ensures that in school we have a consistent method of teaching children to decode and encode words which enable them to read, spell and write.
All children in Reception and Year 1 have a daily phonics lesson. This continues in Year 2 in the Autumn term. By the Summer term Nursery children are ready to begin Read, Write, Inc.
Alongside teaching phonics there are many other opportunities for reading as follows.


Independent Reading
All children have a reading book at their reading level to take home and read independently or with an adult.


Home Reading
Every child will take home a reading book at their own level of reading. We ask all parents to support us in hearing their children read every day.


Guided Reading
Guided reading throughout school mainly follows the reciprocal reading approach as a method of improving practices. This helps children to understand what they are reading and allows pupils to access a variety of texts. Reciprocal reading is used to support children in understanding comprehension. Children develop the skills to find a deeper understanding of what they read. Teachers model comprehension strategies then encourage the children to apply them. The strategies include: summarising, question generating, clarifying and predicting. The reciprocal method of reading encourages pupils to think about their thought process during reading, it develops speaking and listening skills, high quality discussion and pupils giving opinions, resulting in deeper understanding. Active involvement teaches question asking and this method supports our focus on developing pupil talk. A range of texts are used for these sessions.
In Year 1 children read in levelled reading groups with an adult. They are taught further reading skills such as prediction and comprehension.


Reading Events
We hold regular events in school including Book Fairs which promote a love of reading and encourage and motivate children to read.
In Key Stage 2 the pupils have access to our school library, which we regularly replenish with new books.
The School Library Service provides valuable resources to enhance the learning in school. The librarian visits Nursery and Reception classes and parents are invited to join their children in these sessions, all children are provided with a book. We actively encourage parents to engage with Salford Library Service in order to continue to develop their child’s love for reading.