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Working together for a brighter future

Staff member and pupils in a lesson at Willow Tree Primary School


Being in school on time and ready to learn is important, very important! If your child is not in school then they cannot learn and we cannot help them learn.

School opens at 8.45am so that your children have plenty of time to get into school calmly and get themselves ready for learning.

Lessons start at 9.00am prompt.

If your child is late into school then they will always be trying to catch up with the rest of the class.


The School Late Procedure is as follows:

Late children will report to Mrs Wallace at the main office who will assist with the following:

1. Parent or Carer to sign the child in on the touch screen.
2. Parent or Carer will then wait with their child until a member of the Pastoral team – Mr Thorpe or Ms Martin is available to take them through to class. This is for safeguarding purposes.
3. This will take place at 9:10, 9:20 and 9:30


School opens at 8:45am, this gives fifteen minutes which is plenty of time for children to come into school. Lateness should be an exception rather than an everyday occurrence and where children are persistently late we will make referrals to the Educational Welfare Service. This may result in a Fixed Penalty Notice being issued by the Local Authority.

If your child is going to be absent could you please telephone school 0161 921 2850


The Facts

  • Making sure your child comes to school on time everyday has a massive impact on their future life chances.
  • All parents have a legal responsibility to ensure that their children attend school.
  • Our school target for attendance is 96%.
  • Children who have attendances of less than 90% over the time that they are in primary school will have missed one year of teaching.
  • Holidays during term time will not be authorised by the school and parents may be fined as a result.
  • Parents will be contacted informally if attendance is a concern and attendance will be monitored.
  • Attendance panels are the next stage of raising official concerns and agreeing improvements.
  • Where necessary parents will be fined for their children's persistent non-attendance.
  • In the most extreme cases parents may be prosecuted.


The School Education Welfare Officer is Ged Woolley, Telephone No. 0161 686 5280.