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Welcome to Nursery! 

Find out what your child will be learning this academic year.


The adults that support the learning in Nursery are Miss Llewellyn, Miss Selway, Miss Berry, Mrs Keighley and Mrs Jones.

The Early Years Curriculum

The Nursery offers a vibrant, exciting themed approach to education based in play.

Children learn to share and care for each other, learn traditional manners and how to listen to instructions as well as how to make choices and be independent. They will begin to learn pre-writing and pre-reading skills. However, where a child is ready to read and write, the opportunity will be given to him/her.

Children in the Nursery are encouraged to become competent and confident learners who ask questions and make discoveries.

Important social skills are developed e.g. turn-taking, sharing and communication through the activities that the children choose. Physical development is a key aspect of the curriculum and usually takes place outside in all weathers. Children need a warm waterproof coat with a hood and sensible black shoes.

We recognise that every child learns in his or her own way. The Nursery builds upon the strengths, needs and interests that each child brings into our school. We like to work closely with families as you know your children best and what interests them most.