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Staff member and pupils in a lesson at Willow Tree Primary School

Religious Education

At Willow Tree Primary School we follow the locally Agreed Syllabus for RE.


RE taught using this syllabus aims to support children to develop positive attitudes of respect towards people from all religions and world views. It promotes understanding of different beliefs, cultures and traditions. Our families hold different religious beliefs and we teach through creativity and investigation - finding out about each other’s experiences.


We aim to reflect the diversity within school and our community: the main faiths that are covered include Christianity, Islam and Judaism but many other world views, including non-religious beliefs, are discussed.


Pupils will develop knowledge and understanding of different beliefs and pupils will be encouraged to explore the fundamental questions of life raised by human experiences.


Pupils will extend their thinking and analytical skills and their creative, imaginative and emotional development.


The sensitive teaching of RE will also enhance pupil’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and promote British Values.